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FoL Changes Thread


I still disagree that it is a buff.


We will see


I believe it’s a balance, not a buff or a nerf.


Me and Pug compiled some changes we would like to see considered.


And I locked myself out of being able to edit the document. :^)

Acolyte was, I believe, something like this. If I were to change anything immediately, I would make the SoM passive only active when the Acolyte noactions.

The Acolyte :crossed_swords:
Cult Killer

Spirit of Mithras (Passive) - Starting with the second use of the Cult Leader’s Blood of Mithras, if you would be sacrificed, the first time you will not die.
Curse of Mithras (Day) - The player targeted with the Cult Leader’s Rupture will die in one night instead of the normal two. They will not be notified. - 1 Use.

Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


Acolyte was nothing like that


Pug suggested it, so I assumed that his Acolyte was the one. :man_shrugging:


Nope. Acolyte in FoL was a cult specal that could among other things retrain cultists letting them respec their cult points


It’s the Cult Killer version.


In FoL Acolyte was a Cult Special and was the 2nd starting cultist


What are you trying to dispute here?


This statement


nuclear would argue with someone if there’s an extra dot on a shoe that makes it not both the same design as the other shoe


Except BD Killer classes need a viable Cult Killer convert.


Yes? And?


This is what it was referencing.



nuke can’t deny this


Sure I can. I’d never go shoe shopping in the first place


also nuke when are you going to play fm again


When I feel like it