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FoL Changes Thread


Only once


Still op


That’s kind of the point.


You have no idea what you are saying tbh


only thing it prevents is easy wins


Actually why is it op


It also gives more sense of freedom within the unseen itself and allows for cool strategic choices.


No longer can a Priest who has ressed someone, just do nothing and still be confirmed not MM/NK. Confirmability will dissapear more.


The convert shouldn’t be able to become MM is because it’s way too OP where they can keep themselves confirmed if they are S/I instead of becoming Assassin which is not confirmable for them.


I like how he didn’t answer it


Thus, the same is for the Assassin, they can just stay K/O which keeps them themselves away from the S/I


You are looking at it wrong

This makes it so people don’t trust confirmability which is the point of this. It’s not over powered


Because it is


Exactly a Princess will actually have to think? :eyes: Oh the horror.


And after it’s replaced once, the Princess can still do this trick where a convert becomes killer/offensive.


This is way healthier game design in my opinion. If it is too powerful, other areas should get nerfed.


Yes make MM renamed CL


The change is doing that more than the change we suggest.


We’ll see how strong unseen are with just this mm buff


Being the freedom of being able to choose the convert to become Mastermind can be really good in more situations than I just said, like, if the Assassin was planned to become King the next day by everyone in the court after upping the Mastermind, they can select the convert so then the one who gets King, is Assassin gone King.