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FoL Changes Thread


How about the other idea?


You can’t guarantee this


What if unseen can select whoever replaces the MM once and only once for the game?


I mean like even if the startling mm dies then whoever is left in the unseen will replace the MM then. That way there is at max ever going to be 2 MM but it’s not too op




By the way we’re d1 trials added?


For now we’ll see how efol goes






Still best to start with a night phase so cult / unseen have a chance of converting first


I’m imagining the mm being executed by prince N1 then the assassin dying to the nk.

it’s so funny but it’s sad it could actually happen


You can’t execute n1 in jail


Seriously, I thought you could. Was it just N2?




N2 onwards


Why don’t you like this Marl? :thinking:


Because it’s too op


not really if it’s only one replacement


I disagree. Eliminate some power in other areas then, but I really dislike this current solution.

If the neutrals get reworked and we get some legit decent neutrals to get for BD again it should be restored too.


But it lets converts replace MM