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FoL Changes Thread


that’s why i invited you + eevee + psycho + fk + orange


But not me -_-


you dont like trials being removed :^)
only positive opinions allowed here



Poe is due to their bad play and therefore not a problem


“there’s a solution to this problem but since no one does it it’s broken”

okay that’s their fault


It also enforces mass claiming.



that’s stupid from bd


I want that prince to claim when I have that enforcer right there



It’d become a better strategy if this change comes through.


Not when not many classes are actually comfirmable it’s a terrible start


Doesn’t matter much if you narrow down a MM/second MM.


You can’t do that with a mass claim cause most of the classes aren’t confirmable


wait mystic is still confirmable…we need to fix this


actually just making mystic have a neighborhood that is kept upon their class change is amazing. It doesn’t help much with reducing confirmability but it’s never going to become unconfirmability
Inb4 they already did this and I didn’t notice


Do you think it could work as MM starting assassin then the next assassin or is that too OP?


Cause the problem is you are saying that it’s just POE so if we allowed a convert to become MM it should be fixed, however this could be OP.


stupid thought

@Marluxion what if you just made it so that if the MM dies then one person will replace it not only the starting assassin. That way you can guarantee that they don’t get screwed by awful rng


As long as there is a set order, they can “keep hostage” a starting assassin to ensure they get promoted to second MM.


Too op


It’s actually a lot better if the unseen themselves can choose who succeed the MM.