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FoL Changes Thread


You’re increasing the swinginess with these changes. Unseen won’t recover from assassin dying n1 now.


We could change it from Support Social, Killer Offensive, Special Inves into
Support / Killer / Offensive
Social / Special / Inves


Literally 7 votes for scum day 2 xD



that’s absolute garbage

princess will be a shit class and duchess/seeker will be insane


Princess is already weak.


It’s also removing an unhealthy mechanic that no one likes
an unseen being a mislynch before d4


if it can remove people from PoE, is it really weak?


Point taken.


the amount of mms i’ve seen claiming a social class are approximately 2, once was me claiming mystic as a gambit and the other time was a random mm claiming noble due to little bird -_-


They would be better flipped around yes.


exactly so just dont claim social classes as MM
if you absolutely have to, claim Noble


there are exactly 2 bd social classes
Removing mystic removes the only unclaimable one :man_shrugging:


You call it an unhealthy game mechanic.

I say an incentive to differentiate scum types and reward more intense knowledge of the informed minority.

It also changed up cult/unseen games.


well all it does is nerf princess and does nothing real for the mm s/s problem tbh

(also the mystic gambit worked okay)


it wont ever work in FoL, too much time


either way there wont be any more changes for the EFoL
it’ll run as is to see how people like not having trials and the new mm mechanic

also @Solic check the efol thread pls


I have seen it. Debating my join. Already in two games and I severely would dislike rolling unseen. :eyes:


dont diss it till you’ve tried it :eyes:


Then again, if I lose I can always blame poor balancing choices. :thinking:


also we need more experienced people to test out how it feels not having trials