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FoL Changes Thread


neighouriser is a mash class
FoL isn’t a mash


Yeah but at least it makes the class useful and not just im confirmed what do


Nerfing BD is buffing unseen Marl. :eyes:


Making a confirmed class more useful is just broken.


They never will
PoE should be ON AVERAGE between 11-13 people by d2 (depending on kills)
King can never be MM / Ass
Prince can never be MM / Ass if he claims
1-3 BD will be confirmed by an occ on an invest or a mystic or a class type check of specifically S/S (only princess can)


Exactly so we remove it instead


Rip Mind Warp and Mind Bend then xd


NK would be sad 0% winrate


Nk is scum


NKs are gamers

everyone discriminates them


Why should BD have higher winrate


The problem is that whoever occed an invest or was checked as support/social now can never mechanically be MM anymore, whereas previously they could be.

You’re artificially lowering the PoE and ensuring that the main centerpieces of the evil faction will always fall into that, starting assassin and MM.


New MM Passive replaces in the shadows.

You may pick the class you appear as to invests.


That doesn’t fix it, but is a welcomed change to me actually.


that doesn’t fix anything
just because you can appear as mystic to invests doesn’t mean you can prove yourself as a mystic


There are on average more BD players


It does fix clearing support/socials across the board.


It fixes clearing s/s


you also have to take into account the time scum gets fucked by bad luck

BD has this much less often, even a knight CS’ing the prince isn’t 100% game over

it’s just natural when you’re the minority


EK + 3 NE