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FoL Changes Thread


it’s the same as in the actual game, yes


rng can fuck you in the butt as evils


This eliminates replacement altogether if the starting assassin is dead or makes it easier to PoE whoever would reappear.


if people are able to PoE the mm and assassin d2 they deserve to win
and / or something is broken and needs fixed

don’t chalk up all these SFoLs with tons of confirmable classes to CFoL :wink:


Lets just accept fol will never be balanced as non-turbo and we should just have fun






Ur never gonna be able to get this to 50% town and 50% scum winrate


PoE on d2 should be 13 people on average
12 if a mystic rolls


That’s not the goal


Unseen are never winning by day 2. I just don’t see them surviving midgame and that is kind of the point. You can never cast doubt on a mystic claim before MM is dead, because MM is priority. Now you can never do it period.


the goal is roughly 60% BD winrate 35% evil winrate 5% Neutral Killer / Draw


But that isn’t balanced


So mystic is the problem and needs to be removed, got it
Not unseen needing buffs


yes it is


balanced =/= 50% winrate for everyone


Basically all offensives can do the same with targeting an invest :eyes: Nobles with bounty too. I’m on mobile, but you know that starting assassin/MM don’t have infinite claimspace.


Mystic should just be a neighbouriser, did you see my one earlier?


still confirmable


That would have exact same problem for this…