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FoL Changes Thread


Yeah they need feedback if they keep their attack

so we remove the attack


That can work too


Or it could be something like if target receives a good effect tonight, they will receive again the next night


also they can “guess” if someone is dying of bleed or a kill is missing or if someone should have died to a cs but didn’t


Combos well with phys


i was thinking that but i was going to roll with negative effects too

probably 1-2 uses


Also add Mind Flayer :wink:


Headhunter is the class most likely to be added from SFoLs, not gonna lie :eyes:

We need a day vigilante


Why did you cripple the unseen again? :eyes:




MM Changes are a buff
Very rarely will you ever see 2 replacements in a game
Most people will figure out the MM by d3 and stall with the MM in jail

This keeps that unhealthy mechanic out and simultaneously rewards deep wolfing for Starting Assassin and MM, longer they’re alive the further they can go


A starting assassin can die to hunter bear, NK, PoE, knight, sheriff invest or common scumreading. You’re also making them more like the cult. Starting roles are easiest to find after all.


You saw how the promotion mechanic in infection damaged us. You’re taking away the option of third converts becoming MM. People love a good PoE.


This change happened in ToL and is universally liked so give it a chance :eyes:


Some of that can be salvaged by smart scum actually swapping their claims and working together, but typically that doesn’t happen on this site. And early mass claiming as is typically done also doesn’t help that strategy.


This was rolled back?? :thinking:

#5117 it wasn’t


MM used to not have his investigation immunity but they re-added it back in


screenshot from in-game if you think the wiki is out of date :eyes:


Where did I keep my pitchfork.

Fact is that certain classes like Mystic can never be suspected from being MM as soon as they claim. That should also draw protectives to them, so they are harder to eliminate. Starting assassin is also really vulnerable.