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FoL Changes Thread



I mean, for FoL, thats asking alot, due to being a shit ton of classes, and mechanical confirmability bad.


Yeah but its 1 mechanically confirmable class and with noble going uunconfirmable I doubt it matters especially as noble is not unique while mystic is.


I mean, if it can be reasonably be changed sure.


Here’s my idea.

The Mystic

Blue Dragon Social
Link Minds (Day) - Target a player, they will be added to your Mind Link chat. - Infinite uses
Telepathy (Day) - Announce publically 1000 character message through the host. - 2 uses
Break Link (Night) - Remove a player from your Mind Link chat. - Infinite uses
Mental Blur (Night) - Target a player, they will be occupied if they are a member of your Mind Link chat. - 1 use
Blue Dragon Wincon


@Marluxion thoughts?
Obviously anything can change. Illusionist is exactly the same


Or you can remove mental blur on both and give illusionist mind warp

  1. you’re outed at the beginning of the game to the person you add to your chat first
  2. Change Telepathy to current state




It makes it a risk


Increase Mental Blur to 2 uses

1 use makes everyone think like it’s too precious to use so they don’t use it maybe

also if you wanted to keep it in line with the Social aspect you could instead change the effect to maybe something like Noble’s Gossip that Marl is putting in


the best way to do so would probably be to not be in the neighborhood chat at the beginning of the game.
That way you are not instantly confirmed as Mystic

but to replace Telepathy

Telepathy (Day) - Send an up to 1000 character anonymous message to your Neighbourhood chat. - 2 uses


EFoL signups going up soon.

A change i forgot to announce, Mastermind will also be updated in the EFOL.



i demand you to delete this due to autoplay




This is the new mastermind i’m testing as well. The only differences are
A) Lurking Presence ALWAYS passes to the starting Assassin and only the starting Assassin, regardless of what day it is.
B) Can’t Touch This now has “Occupations and target changes on you will appear successful” for things like Gossip or if we add other abilities like gossip in the future.


So it keeps replacing, ok


Uhh, what about “appearing as not suspicious to investigators”? Is it intentional?


Oh right, that’s unintentional


@luxy so what i’m hearing is replace Chrono’s Attack with a more supportive ability


Chrono needs feedback

Like how can you just ‘guess’ when you can redirect an attack