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FoL Changes Thread


Scorned with itself as target




bring back free trials masochist



Merge 2 class who needs to execute someone at day and get a class who needs to be killed at night


Actually lynching Squire is not that hard. First thing when somebody open-claim Squire, people are like: Bullshit. You’re scum!


Really? Hardly people would claim it because it is specifically unique and opens up counterclaiming. A MM or NK can’t afford that.

Mystic is super hard to beat too.


Still Knight and Maid are Top 10 Anime Lynches in my heart.

I mean ask a person who fakeclaimed Squire as scum. There were couple of people.


Polik as CL to name one


I like lynchers tho


Host the turbo, I’ll play


ok then. We just need 3 people.

as it can be a mini turbo




Do 12 people or 9


Do 16 ppl


Classic town of Salem mode


Probably won’t get enough people tbh


im for a class to replace mystic, or for it be entirely reworked

Mystic is honestly just meh

Neighbouriser is its main specialty, aside from being converted to cult, so that they can convert again.


Mystic is so bad it’s just used for confirmabilty


Make it an actual neighbouriser