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FoL Changes Thread


You were talking about that game specificaly not in general. I’m well aware what you’re saying.


Then keep the royal blood vote as a permanent passive and remove pull rank. I think it’s fair then.


That’s the idea


Not if you make them silent. They will also have to execute someone other than the noble then.


Silent Double Votes dont work with majority lynch in play
It becomes non silent as soon as majority hits


After which a (likely BD) has been executed. Similar to bounty.


“Hey Guys I’m using my double vote, only get him to L1 and he’ll die. I’ll be confirmed!”


Also can i ask about something?

You guys are talking about Noble being boring but what about Mystic? PepeHands


Oh, never mind, damn I really need to have more sleep last night.

I’m going to bomb my interview


It can be done on scum too is the problem
Double voting should be unique to the king imo
It’s easily to tell because of the crown next to the king’s name in VCs.


Mystic is highly bad and i want it to die but other people like it so it cannot die


And then scum hammers at L-1 and wins


The vote can be on scum ya dingo






Can we make Scorned target unable to be unique BD by the way, so it covers all the exceptions, but adds Mystic and Squire, which are both difficult as well. :eyes:


Scorned will be changing soon


ToL scorned is leagues better than our scorned


merging it and devil or nah?


Merge scorned with fool