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FoL Changes Thread


Sam17z alch is bad


Add trials back


Alch as BD Joat is better


Couldn’t have said it better my self


Add unnecessary game pacing breakers back



Trials are just extra work for the host and they encourage sheeping and stall the day


Trials are an integral part of Forum of Lies


no they are not


Town of Salem has trials


let’s go Forum of Salem 2 baby


Make it


and just have a game where once majority is reached.

Trial happens forever and the game is canned


alright then.

I’ll host a turbo forum of salem 2


I’m more than sure Sponsor didn’t matter in that game. Of course, even without it giving additional votes is broken anyway. An attempt to make Noble less boring? Weeell, we will see.


This can simple be changed to silent double voting, so without trials it will always result in an execution to confirm, similar to bounty actually.


And you always have the excuse of… ohh someone must have occupied me or whatever.


Cult alt could be that target player requires one vote less to be executed.


Twi, if the cult have two apostles, they can gain 6 extra votes


with both pull rank and sponsor


also they’re both confirmable so they have to go :^) bounty is confirmable but it’s only confirmable if you kill another BD