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FoL Changes Thread


i can’t read likes i’m dense


i can only read wolves


Then nerf defile to 1 use.


No lol


defile is fun and usable in so many strong ways


I’ll rather defile then confirmation


Healing members that are not in your faction is only in very rare cases beneficial, so I think it wouldn’t be much of a buff.

I think 3rd unseen converts should typically be able to perfectly match their unconverted counterpart. At one point they will turn into Assassins anyway. This should be a game of scumreading and not mechanics.


False flips are too strong against my confirmation bias. :cry:


It should be both scumreading and mechanics


also bringing this up.

Wouldn’t the Noble be prevented from visiting their target?


also minor addition

Pls change Herbalist classtype to Support


  1. it fits with it’s new main ability - Psuedoside (debatable wherever its defile or psuedo)
  2. princess cant confirm conversion


A new EFoL will be running soon to test out the following changes. Note; These changes aren’t official FoL changes YET.

Let me know if there’s anything game breaking that i’m missing our something that interacts with trials that needs updated.

All Kings

  • Royal Pardon reduced to 1 use, Uses now shared with Royal Execution. Add “This will be publicly announced” to the Royal Pardon tooltip. (it was already announced previously just not put on the card.)
  • Decide Fate changed to:
    "Royal Execution (Day) -Target a player. That player will require 2 less votes to reach majority today. This will be publicly announced. - 1 use, shared with Royal Pardon
  • Head of State Passive Updated to:
    “Head of State (Passive) - Your vote counts as two. This passive is disabled while there are 4 or less players alive.”


  • Pull Rank changed to:
    “Pull Rank (Passive) - Whenever you vote someone else to be king, your vote counts as 2.”
  • Sponsor removed.
  • New Night Ability added in Sponsor’s place
    “Gossip (Night) - Target a player and learn if any and which of these things happens to them tonight. - Infinite Uses
    They were Investigated
    They were Occupied
    Their target was swapped”


  • Replace Anstreim’s Anguish with a new day ability:
    “Eminence of Mithras (Day) - At the end of the day, you will learn who voted for whom during today’s king election. - 2 uses”


  • Removed


You know I’m going to stay awake until you post the sign-up thread for this game :eyes:




it wont be posted until tomorrow night
i want to give people time to remind me if there are any classes that i missed


/pre-in for eFoL 2


/pre in if possible


also guessing Aristo matches the Noble changes?