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FoL Changes Thread


scum doc wen


Maybe if scum could convert a healer




i plan on working that into mm passive




Prevention would count as protection too? Sage, Poacher, Soulcatcher, Herbalist and Enforcer can protect then. Some cult alts probably have things too.


Almost all of those evils can only protect other scum though


So why not open up that restriction too? Why should that need to be a restriction in the first place?

We don’t have the kiddie gloves for Knight CS or Prince execution, so evils should in fringe scenario’s be able to protect non-evils as a bluffing mechanism or having neutral allies like alchemist siding with them.


to prevent gamethrowing and healing a bleeding target :^)


also so visit prevention shouldn’t be abusable offensively

using it offensively is exclusive to sellsword / sage intentionally


We have forced replacements and a blacklist for proveable gamethrowing


this is the real reason ‘:^)’ implies non serious


also serious answer about gossip: I don’t want it to confirm healers

Healers shouldn’t be hard confirmable ever


Actually this is not true. Out of those 5, 3 can protect non-scum. Herbalist should already be changed to being able to “heal” non-scum, this is not even that clear in the classcard is it just death immunity?


“Protected” Doesn’t hard confirm healers like that then though if it’s defined as a basic unempowered assassin kill (not counting firewall) would not kill the target.


Actually why can Herbalist only target Unseen again?


we don’t balance games on game throwing

might as well make it so knights can’t cs till N3 and same for prince


because imo herbalist is strong enough that it doesn’t also need to ability to confirm itself




literally liked it

read my likes