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FoL Changes Thread


Still spooked by the potential power of king with how DF was handled.


The most hype removal of a feature since old Inquisitor™


yeah i think confirming phys is a bit too strong since scum can’t heal


scum can investigate, scum can occupy and scum can swap targets


Makes sense


I think it should also show Frame


Ability that can confirm of existence of certain classes is well…quite strong isn’t?

In early game, it can be very devastating especially if Evil Faction is Unseen. Despire the fact, there are classes like Warlock or Sellsword that in theory can make use of that, i’m not quite certain if i would like to see Blue Dragon winning by suddenly semi-confirming couple of people with more than 1 Noble, of course it isn’t very likely scenario.

In Late Game, ability isn’t that strong as there would less opportunites and may be hard to confirm somebody like Sheriff who didn’t find Unseen or like Court Wizard.

It depends if removing trials would benefit BD more than other factions. Otherwise it’s not a bad proposition.

There is no reason for that.


Yeah it’s not meant to be good late game. Nobles should aim to be king


Removing trials will be the final nail in the coffin of this game… why would they do that?!


From FOL not TOL




Not Order, 0/10






Order is a Noble night ability that removes a person’s power to vote for one day. Popular meme is to Order Firekitten. :wink:



will gossip receive a positive when mm is occ attempted?


why wouldn’t it



what about protected?


Nope, evils can’t protect or heal