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FoL Changes Thread


Depends on what Acolyte version specifically though. It just feels inconsistent that killing is the only type that doesn’t have an appropriate conversion.


Livi and I made it because he always found it weird how cult didnt have a killer convert and it was inconsistent.

I still think abil uses should be nerfed with cult alts but other than that. its fine


unseen in base game and here is just a shittier cult.

buffing unseen seems impossible without changing abil uses and unseen isnt the problem.

cult is


cult has a regenerating leader, 1 more max member, much convert potential, doesnt need to swap claim as often, more expendable members

unseen has stronger abilities, death and occ immune converter that is the faction relies on

I think limiting cult alt abil uses would be a good change for cult to make it more balanced with unseen.

it also gives more of an incentive to kill as cult. (acolyte does exactly this but still.)


unseen also has more KPN than cult but still.

KPN doesnt matter as much for cult because of their factioncap


tl;dr unseen sorta sucks but we cant really buff it without highly changing it


changing it to ToL’s is a no because that MM is just a worse CL

a change to in the shadows could make the starting MM’s death put another unseen member into his shoes.


if we did the ToL version of this.

I highly dislike that because it makes the starting assassin important.

assassin is easier to kill than any other scum in the game and it should be expendable


Noble Gossip Idea

(to replace Sponsor)

Gossip (Night) - Target a player and learn if any and which of these things happens to them tonight. - Infinite Uses
Target was swapped


  • Good Ability
  • Bad Ability
  • Good Ability but needs something (say below)

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in addition, an occupy on an immune class won’t show up as occupied. The occupy has to be successful


Maybe it could be like ‘Determine if target was targetted by a negative effect.’

This one seems kinda useless since it covers almost every non-killing/converting ability


that’s what gossip does in game


gossip doesn’t tell you if someone was attacked or converted
Luxy that’s the point

it’s not meant to investigate your targets alignment
it’s meant to catch people in fake claims or learn which claims are real


That should be in the ability.

I don’t really like it, but don’t have a suitable alternative either. :thinking:

Being occupied/redirected is good for proving if the person who is being gossiped is lying about something, but proving an occupation/redirection itself is quite useless as that is already proveable by using it on an invest. Showing a support ability could be more valuable. Would Gossip also count as an investigative ability? I think that should be fleshed out too.


it’s not useless, just knowing there is an occupier / redirector is good information
if they aren’t open claiming they can be potential scum

you can also do it on investigative claims to know if they’re lying about getting occupied or swapped




Besides Noble’s second night ability, what else the Team is planning to change?


Quite a bit related to the removal of trials


oh yeah hype


rip confirming phys.

hype anyway