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FoL Changes Thread


Im for a cult killer

Knight is a shit convert, and it deserves so much better.


Back to the Bed, Foxes are better than Cats!

And what the Acolyte would supposed to do?


They could just rework the knight cult alt so it isn’t as shit

Hunter convert is completely fine as is, so the only problem really is knight


I just want knight cult convert to be good.

thats all.


just rework lone cultist to not kill the knight the first time.

maybe give an alt that lets them take one shot night immunity


Too Strong for supposedly classes that aren’t meant to live very long.


in that case, what would you suggest?

As it stands now, lone cultist is a horrible ability for what it actually accomplishes


Easy solution

let cult leader target the converted knight with sacrifice


That works well.



It depends if you’re asking for rework or a buff.

For a buff, i personaly would just make them: “Kill a player. - 1 Use”
Additional KP is already strong enough for Cult. Further buffs aren’t required in current state.


I think it would work more on consistence killing

A passive that it can have from nukes rework is whenever cult leader fails to do an action the acolyte gets a one use bleed

that may be strong tho


this would work better



actually acolyte could be literally broken with that passive


actually solution

Acolyte gives the use of bleed to the cult leader


I’d use mine and Livi’s Acolyte.

I feel like it’s on the power end of the Apostle.

which is good because Killer and Social are the rarest classes to convert


read everyone’s favorite unbalanced gamemode if you want to see it.


You mean this one?

I mean it’s actually decent.



just replace Inject with Rupture and it’s good to go


I still want my alch (the revised version that has stonewall and frame) and mole’s pretender/inquis in fol too


That works. Mine isn’t designed for FoL at all