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FoL Changes Thread


You would have a point if serial sheepers ever stopped, but no. It is better to remove the safety net and let those who refuse to improve get punished.

Newbs will make mistakes, but if they are smart, they won’t make them again.


Precisely because they wouldn’t stop serial sheeping, you would want the impact of a vote to be less not higher. You are directly advocating against your point here.

They are still punished, just less severely. I think you’re all overestimating the possible negative reinforcement effect that this change could have on bad sheeping.


We can’t balance for bad players


We should strive to find a balance between the majority of players on this site and where we would aim to be in quality of playstyle. If “bad” players are the majority of this site than that should weigh in on the balancing decisions, because isn’t that who the game is made for?


It can be reversed lol.


The removal of trials or my statement? :thinking:


What do you think?


If I could have made a more educated guess, I wouldn’t have asked. :stuck_out_tongue: Still jetlagged, so that might factor in.


Well, one makes sense - one is nonsensical


I suspect it wouldn’t be reverted, because this is balancing for more experienced players. These players are precisely way more involved into making these kinds of decisions. There would not be as much of a push to revert it back.


I see no problem with that :stuck_out_tongue:


And get everyone to confirm in classcards? Im pretty happy with that

What about princes jail though?


D1 you can get reads from if you try hard enough :wink:


You guys do a ton of bs with d0


it’s not BS

it’s the art of stupid gambits that usually fail however sometimes offer somewhat promising results that you can still screw up


“a ton of stuff”


Okay @NuclearBurrito time to discuss it here

What if we made cult converted knight cold steel Ability infinite uses

however it kills him on the second successful use


I mean we could also just petition for an Acolyte


Petition For Acolyte

  • Yes! Awesome Idea!
  • No! Go back to sleep cat!

0 voters


I’ll just sleep in a corner and cry then :crying_cat_face: