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FoL Changes Thread


I also want to remove the d0, allowing the game to start with a lynch


that’s probably a more controversial opinion than wanting to remove trials though


it is because I’ll get d1 lynched every single game


at least it’s not bounty pug meta


but seriously.

I agree marl


Nah i disagree with that. It changes the dynamic of fol a lot. Imagine assasssin lynched day one?


okay you just changed my opinion mole.

great argument


interesting, but like mole said I don’t know if it’s right for FoL


alternatively, remove d0.
Start the game in night phase so theres less time spent waiting for the game to actually start.


that i could probably get behind


Possibly, but then people can’t use Day 1 to make reads for night actions.


She said that she’ll be back in two weeks, which already passed, but I think giving her more time to rest would be better.


There’s no meaningful reads happening d1 imo




I catch all scum once they have all posted once. I just don’t out anyone because I want to keep the game fun for everyone :wink:




We have 16 players let’s not tbh


What would BD possibly gain out of this choice? I have given some arguments as to why this is a scum-sided change in literally all aspects. Possibly lowering the frequency of sheeping, while simultaneously increasing the impact of sheeping effectively leaves no solid conclusion to be made. Saying that this change will decrease sheeping’s harmful effect is false.


Trials were a crutch for bad players to not think through their own vote.


Trials ARE a crutch that this site desperately needs in my opinion.

Balance for the players that actually play and not some theoretical perfect FM player, right? :eyes: