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FoL Changes Thread


But I am pretty much against giving the king a killing power


I was saying removing the trial safety net might reduce sheeping.


I mean yes
but villagers shouldn’t sheep


That’s something you can’t take away that no-brain approach to voting.


Or it might increase the harm of sheeping. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which, again, discourages sheeping


Anything to discourage sheeping is good.


Sheeping is harmful for BD.

especially in FoL 18


both factions gain something out of this change.

Scum gains the advantage of giving BD less discussion time.


Only mildly unfortunately. People will still sheep. Sheeping can be good. You just need to know when to do it and when… not. Often, many people fail the latter.


sheeping in general is bad.


Like vote with your own brains BD pls


If by sheeping you only mean “hey, x has the most votes, let’s add one more” without any other reasoning, yes, that is usually bad.


yup. that’s what I mean by it.


Pug readtip:

I always make up excuses when I sheep votes. Both as town and scum


Guys we need to get Alice back


She’s on a mental health break.

Much like I was. Let her rest it out.


Yeah, I know that, I can’t wait for her to come back tho


Ah, good. With sheeping I generally mean something broader, mainly that Player X votes player Y with reason Z and then someone votes Y because of that vote and/or the reasoning with no further reasoning given than “because of X” or “I agree with Z/X”


Tbh if we had no sheepers, no lynches would be common