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FoL Changes Thread


Then don’t sign up for games that have trials


Our main gamemode has trials and about 9/10 of us don’t like them. That’s clearly a problem.


Trials stop individuals taking responsibility for their vote and encourage sheeping.


Guess I’m not playing fol


No I get it, you are busy


And that’s fine, we don’t have all the free time until someone talks to you directly


Look. The meta is to execute every day, and that won’t change at all any time soon.
Trials make your vote matter less since there’s a 50/50 chance that if you voted the wrong person you can just get them pardoned. That’s actively against the point of the game; if you’re voting incorrectly and a significant number of the BD are voting incorrectly they should be punished. Hard.

We want to play FoL but we don’t want to play FoL where our votes don’t matter that much and the village have an unrealistic safety-net against bad play.


Marl’s working on a FoL rework to incorporate this. We’ll look over it and see if it works.
If it does, trials will be gone from FoL. We’re listening to the people here.


I mean, vote wrong?

Scum tries to manipulate the votes here for reason.

By convincing the person they point out is evil


Owo is this a shot at me


And they can sitll manipulate the votes without trials.


We’re not removing votes, we’re just removing the actual trial itself. If you get accused by the majority of players, you’re executed.





What is the problem with that, then?


I was trying to figure out what the alternative is


That’s why we’re discussing alternatives for Decide Fate.


Also, on the sheeping issue:

Just play better lol


sheep vig


If a player sheeps your vote you shall kill them bypassing everything



Mhm that is what I am saying.

I was thinking about private chat with king and subjects he/she choose to invite.

Maybe Discord server so new invited people won’t backtrack old conversations