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FoL Changes Thread


yo bro could you finna hook a brother up with some drugs whats ya dealers number


Will you stop? It’s embarrasing to retort to this low


i’m saying you made zero sense with that post


Absolutely not, trials stays in my vote.

It wouldn’t be unfair to test it but so far I see no alternative


So why debate over nothing


Trials suck confirmed



There is no other thing to do in Day


You have option to skip and start night immediately you lnow


if we removed trials are you saying no one will actually hunt for scum?


Talk all we want in day, but nothing will be done about it


That is what trials are for, to bring the accused that is suspected conspiring against town/bd

Without it, scum teams will just win because there is no trial.

This is just crybaby talk to remove trials


They can test whatever they want in EFoL, but what are they even talking about…


how is it crybaby talk tho?


They don’t like trials and I say the blame goes to the players not able to handle it


for fuck’s sake
we’re keeping executions
just not trials


If somebbody gets the majority of accusations, that’s it. They’re executed.
“But ici people won’t have time to defend themselves!” if that happens all responsiblity lies with the players. Deal with it.


so trials are soo sophisticated and elite only the upper echelon of players like your self can handle it?


Instead be like laughing like a maniac, thinking about something that doesn’t need fixing


the problem i have with trials is that they’re a waste of time


But trials do need fixing. They unnececarily delay the progress of lynching and make votes have far too little weight to matter.