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FoL Changes Thread


Perhaps another experimental game only with trial removal should be done. Before it is made a general rule.


Stop with this gladiator king. Clearly the problem lies with the player for using decide fate without a second thought.

Scum king shouldn’t reveal their true colors





But yeah @Icibalus the problem with gladiatordom replacing Decide Fate is that it’s infinitely weaker


That’s why I suggest it instead of Royal Finger, as Head of State gives a doublevote :slight_smile:


Hey no offense, but I don’t think the king need changing


we’re working on a trial removal rework
it’l need to be changed


No u


Thats fine

Im going to come back to an entirely changed system, and i hope it goes well.


Nothing wrong about Decide Fate, it’s the player


What are you not understanding?


How about agree it’s always player’s fault


Well bite me, but there is nothing wrong I ask, why?


the point is that we can’t keep Decide Fate because it requires trials
and we’re getting rid of trials


That’s why we got games that requires majority to vote in order to kill the guy on day, no trials needed


We don’t need another gamemode that does this


Yes we do
trials are fucking pointless in FoL


I don’t think so, it’s related to players being lazy.

What would you do in day anyway? We’re not roleplaying


play forum mafia like a normal person, using majority lynch?


trials are not