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FoL Changes Thread


also the King


Also the more spacific mechanic of PR conversions (As in converted players with powers) which is in neither ToS nor Cult in the jungle republic. Both of which convert to a generic class while ToL has unique converted class ability’s.


something something ah to be young again :^)


Ashe you’re younger than me


I think she was making a reference to being naïve about what’s good for TOL


Trials are nothing special, you do realise?


Pretty much every turbo game has them. so yeah




who fucking cares if its’ imbalanced
i need more thunderdomes in my life


Still if it’s 50-55% of all votes (including non voters). King should be able to insta exe


I like gladiator king. it’s just I don’t really like the idea of it DF exeing Prince asap


you do realise that Gladiator restricts you to either voting the King or one other person, right?


Assume one player dies on average on n1, so majority is 8, if there are just 5 votes people are gonna start claiming their class


oh okay.


Yeah I like gladiator king.


Just realised how it works. So yeah I think it’s good.


Thats more about the 50% DFE thing than the gladiator king one


How does this look as a DF replacement? I realise Gladiator is less than perfectly balanced but i mean… come on.

Grand Trial (Day) - Wipe all votes and add 24 hours to the day. Only you and your target are votable today. - 1 use, cannot be used with 5 players or less remaining.


I’d personally just make it unable to use lategame.

So it isn’t a King wait until end meta


I mean I want Gladiator King as much as the next guy, but the thing is Margaret’s king roll will increase by like 70%


damn, he has a point