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FoL Changes Thread


I also removed the bleed but btw what’s abyss


oh so survival goal alch?




yeah but he’s just talking about survival alch.

alch didnt seem to be changed


but you could also successfully heal an attack.
I’d check the Xed 4.0 alch for most updated


Conversion is not a special mechanic what


it literally is?


It’ makes TOL different from any other game


No I don’t feel bad at all because they are


Cult in the jungle republic, vampires in tos


TOS has trials


Trials are in tos


It is not special at all


Also it literally is

It’s a game balanced around converisons compared to TOS which isn’t, as well we are talking about games that aren’t cult in the jungle stuff like that


Were are arguing about fol tf


Conversions are nothing special


Okay then

FOL is built entirely around converisons probably more so the any other fm type game.

TOS has trials as well


this game would change much more with removal of converison compare to trials


That I can agree on



Wouldn’t that make it more unique