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FoL Changes Thread


It’s not going to unequivocally discourage sheeping, It’s going to increase the impact and pressure of a vote. If voting behavior would remain the same, it is actually going to increase the harm sheeping does, because a single vote matter more.

Trials give room for people to call out sheepers and make them second guess their position aka give a defense.


I think Luxy has the right idea.

We should have an EFoL with these changes, and see how it plays out.

Then we can see if its bad or good for the game.


It will also get me quicklynched more, because my timezone is inconvenient. I don’t like giving advantage to players that can be more active and on a lot more. They already have enough of an advantage as it is.

Games should not be decided by postcount, crudely said.


Id say we need an EFoL to test it, and see what the outcome is.

Then we can come to a conclusion on the matter.


why are you using that argument though, it’s the same as every FM.


Why do you think I wouldn’t support trials in fm?


I never said that, it’s just your argument that it discourages voting…

Meh I’m tired of arguing


People being allowed a moment to defend at a critical moment in their wagon and everyone being forced to listen is something that leads to way more interesting games. You achieved something if you outargue another person. It’s not the same if you could spur the players in the time that another was afk.

I think it’s a crutch that would be good for this site.


Check and done


It’s been tested go read the game lol



Which one, and do you agree with trial removal or nah.


SFoL18 and yes


@Ashe throwback thursday


I told you all

SFoL18 was ahead of its time :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny how you had an argument in favour of trials in that thread Firekitten :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t Ashe want to remove trials this time lol



that was in a galaxy far far away



It was ahead of its time :wink:


Far ahead

also wow this thread blew up


you start with 3 potions

you only need to extract essence once IF you bleed someone out with a knife potion after you successfully use it and after you live long enough that they die tobleed assuming that there’s no healers

yeah no offense but i would rather have the other alchemist from Abyss