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FoL Changes Thread



I have a question

Would you vote soemone more cautiously if itt kills them right away or if there were trials


it’s probably pushing it but still


They really dont imo.

The same shit happends in any game.

Like, look back at any fm game and fol game, and the same shit happens.

There is very little difference there when it comes to trial.


That’s a key word that makes there is actual difference between having trials or not. :^)


This is just rude. Because I missed it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Just voicing my opinion here. The team can do with it what they want.


Depends if i fully believe the slot flips scum, or if i want to hear other peoples opinons.

i mean, this scenario happens in pretty much every FM and FoL on the site.


I thought you actually voted lol this was meant to people who didn’t vote.

Don’t take it as rude just know IF YOU DON’T VOTE ITS YOUR FAULT, it’s going to be biased if you don’t


The irony is that I said you and you apparently didn’t vote lol


Trials just has somebody who can cause an instant CFD or end the day.

Thats the difference.

Other than that, its the same shit.


Can someone actually reply to the poll


And that difference may matter a lot. Even if it isn’t happening often it doesn’t mean it can’t be a decisive factor.


Honestly though it would discourage sheeping without trials so that’s a bonus


It’s more the fault of people who take faulty conclusions from said polls like not incorporating possible biases in my opinion.

We shouldn’t balance through majority poll results.


The funny thing is that I’m actually 50/50 on this. I just like playing devil’s advocate. Never been annoyed at trials and I think new DFE will be problematic, but that’s about it.


I do agree on this, because the result may be horribly unbalanced.

But, for our current situation, I do believe trials should go, as They bring very little to the table, and FK makes a great point: It encourages sheeping, which is hot Garbo rn.


It discourages voting at all, which is very negative to me. If you allow sleeping to happen as town, that is on you. Be a better shepherd.




Sheeping would never be gone for real. It will take some time until people will learn that relying on coinflip if whether so called “Town Leader” would roll Town and opposite may not be the greatest idea.


I mean.

Think of it as this

If we get rid of trials, Everyone is on trial, as now anybody can be voted, instead of deciding for one person if they should die or not.


Like, it actually makes votes now have more pressure then they did before.

and while i know you are playing devils advocate atm solic, i do think that you would be for the removal of trials, considering how you play, and that this buffs your play style aswell.