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FoL Changes Thread



Any changes to DF will make it unbalanced due to requiring majority before for trial




Remove it whole or just make new completly ability or even better


Trials are boring.

And any argument that says trials are a unique part of FoL is bad, and you should feel bad.


The poll in this thread will also be very biased towards the more active folk and I suspect new players are more in favour of trials, because it’s closer to ToL and they have more time to formulate a defense and react.

“we don’t balance for new players”


The poll is meant for people playing lol


At start of the day king decides if there will be trials ez


This is basically any poll

If you don’t vote you don’t care either way


It’s also making it even more scumsided after we already have this neutral evil distribution imbalance. Trial accusations and votes give more information to BD.


Trials make VCA garbage wrong


This is just not true.




No one fears their votes matter due to trials so it’s basically impossible


It is though.

We gave you the option to vote you didn’t


Press X to doubt


K most


Let me find something



thats pushing it tbh.

VCA is still plausible and can work.

I just think Trials are fucking boring, and King can just DF if they feel like it.

Trials and the votes to one are legit the same shit, there is little difference, cause people will always put out their defense, and CFD`s can happen with or without trials.


Like Trials make almost no fucking difference tbh.


They do