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FoL Changes Thread


Dont worry, people have learned their lesson since FoL 18


I’m sorry but we don’t balance for quick lynchers


x to doubt


Coming from you :eyes:

(Never forget)


Nah, we need to dissuade people from sheeping.

Its full on proven that sheeping is super bad atm, and that people need actual reasons for voting somebody.


You were gone for a while solic


People shouldn’t sheep

However we don’t need reasons to vote someone


But, reasoning is important.

I think if someone makes an incredibly good point on someone that makes them look scum, thats fine to vote their asses.

And i hope we are all in agreement that sheeping needs to stop.


I think this person is scum cause they said pizza.

the RVS stage is important




Having any kind of DFE based on placed votes is just going to dissuade from pressuring with a vote. Really don’t like what that might do to the meta. There are already enough passive players.


No. Because fuck Town 24/7




RVS is fine imo.

It can generate discussion. im all for it.

But, if its day 3/4 and yall are just throwing votes out, thats when it gets bad.


But King needs the power some way. I think Ashe’s Idea could work.


Let’s make decide fate a day vig that doesn’t end the day, perfect :wink:



Seems legit


The idea is so awful great it could work


I would dayvig myself d1


What if we turned the king into a more supportive type person