FoL Awards Theorycrafting

Individual Performance

Best Town (FoL/SFoL)
Best Scum (FoL/SFoL)
Best Town (FM)
Best Scum (FM)
Best Neutral / Third Party

Team Performance

Best BD (FoL)
Best Town (SFoL)
Best Town (FM)
Best Scumteam (FoL)
Best Scumteam (SFoL)
Best Scumteam (FM)

Game/Host Awards

Best Open Setup
Best Closed Setup
Best Host

Miscellaneous Awards

Best Moustache
Best Taste In Reaction Images
Most likely to be confused for Rohan Kishibe in a dark alley


Why 2018-now

Seems arbitrary

In the middle of 2019 rn
I could do 2018 solely instead

Also did eevee put you up to this

I will neither confirm nor deny this notion without confirmation from Eevee


I mean yes

but what awards

worst player should obviously go to me


No me

Forum Vet do right things for wrong reasons award goes to…

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I’m reworking this to be biyearly.

The amount of time probably won’t make anyone more competitive.
@Solic do not worry, the intent behind your project was nice (principally the improvement category, which could raise the play level here overall).


i have a new idea for an avatar that i am posting in this thread for some reason

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no, i’m not sorry
yes, I will change it back after somebody acknowledges that i’m cool