FoL 30 - Dead Chat

here’s the shit

no dead interaction

Wow, imagine killing me night 1 haha

dead interaction isnt a thing go wild nerds



ive been got

Ngl, I really wanted to play this game… considering I randed Archer…

you got shot by wolves n1

you also got CSed N1 so

get gamered

Are you joking or actually serious?

you also got jail executed n1

Dammit Kat stop trolling me

You were marked by a Hunter… what poor luck

My cause of death will never known…
: (

you were suicide guilted by an alchemist who survived

Oh damn Choas as well?
The hell…

Was Chaos killed for a Prince hunt?

Also dead chat isn’t getting spoilers right?

Do you want spoilers?

i might drop some spoils now and then

dno what the other hosts want

Meh I don’t want spoilers, I still kinda wanna solve in this game for no reason