FoL 22 - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction, so be careful what you say.

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What a freaking bummer. No protectives on me?

Dead interaction but no Priestess :thinking:


Its a Lich game.

:eyes: oh oh

I wanna give my results but I don’t think its smart right now.

Plus we don’t have a priestess to do anything with it anyway.

I don’t like dead interaction at all /shrug

God, saying this with my name is a meme…

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I know, but we know the difference between the class and you :stuck_out_tongue:

EotW can very easily be the Lich. No care about getting lynched, but who is holding the Phlylactories?

I suspect one of the tol newbies to have killed me ^^

But who of them

Hmmm Judge on Judge violence? :thinking:

You think? I think I might know what happened but I’d have to out my results to the Lich here

Wait what do you mean. Is there another class than Priest which interacts with deathchat?

No but Lich dies and gets revived so they can read this chat.

Eh whatever.

Alice was successfully investigated AND had her target redirected. Perhaps onto you.

Undeath (Passive) - As long as the Phylactery Holders are both alive, at the start of every night you will automatically revive yourself if you are dead, regardless of how they died. You are night, bleed occupy and redirection immune while at least one of them lives. You will be informed if bled attempts are made. If both of the Phylactery Holders are dead you will die the following night.

Sounds for me like Lich can’t get into deathchat
@hosts is that so?