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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Yes, they did.


I declare that my crimes of lynching the unseen convert should be forgiven as I at least attempted to cause chaos in dead chat and two neutral evils claimed and meteoro claimed hunter for no reason. Therefore I’m going to figuratively call myself a good king and pretend that any accusations against mee of being a evil king is false evidence meant to incrimate me, even though mod may have proof or not


Ah I’m dying to do this flip.


Math please end the game


Solic no need to kill yourself over feeling sorry for evils losing geez


Oh trust me, I don’t feel sorry. :wink:


thanks Solic


Why you do dis


Maybe I feel sorry for some evils. :thinking:


I want to roll possessor so I can steam roll BD.


It’s interesting how the mere mention of Herbalist is having people think so much of defiles.


Literally number of easy tricks and solutions to getting confirmed


I want to roll GK so I can claim EK


also possessor needs a buff even though I’m saying I’ll steam roll as it

it needs to bypass immunity somehow imo


We need NK with convert


I want to see that so much


believe it or not we don’t


But but





it would be super amazing tbqh