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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Problem solved


Just delete problem
Problem solved


I can relate


But the problem still exists if you say it was solved



Here’s a cookie sir, I played bad but I make good cookies



what was ur thought process on claiming NE


I want to make nsfw joke but I have to stop myself


I have no clue I felt defeated at that point since at that point I beleived both Hjasik and Met were both actual unseen and then that would leave MM. Everyone seemed solid other than the two main suspects and me and I was like if I claim evil they might lynch me before MM and let a convert go off if they were not smart. But they thought of that instantly and I felt dumb


pushing mistynches is always more useful


Well we learn from our mistakes.


I’ll keep that in mind for next time, I should just overly think everything I type before I out myself as evil next time. I was just so lost and confused and felt like Unseen already lost


I learned that I should have probably said if you attempt to kill the king you better not miss when I was bled


I wonder how different it would have went if I claimed merc and said my contract died and I was looking for a new contract and was thinking over all the options. Or straight up claim assassin/MM


Or just claim a BD role, because taking up a neutral slot removes your chance of claiming someone else is scorned or anti town neut which you most definitely need to create more paranoia.


Claiming BD is typically just what you should do…


Claiming NK is what you should always do


Got it will do or just listen to Solic


Math wants to keep torturing us by not ending game


Math is seriously scum MVP. :smile:


honestly wtf did they literally just bleed the prince