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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


So he is textbook openwolfing as BD


Openwolfing without being wolf


That’s me every game


Why though


It’s a secret


Oh yeah baz is confirmed scum

Phyisican redirected to priest who wasn’t able to heal them


Hello darkness my old friend


giga oof

BD don’t deserve this win
Scum don’t deserve literally anything


So modkill all BD and scum


Reason: doesn’t deserve win


You know how in sports there’s two teams right


Well you see, if someone was shooting soccer balls into their own goal and the other team was doing nothing, the people doing nothing did the amount of effort required to win and deserved to win


I have idea for next games

Losing teams chooses if winning team played good and if they choose that winning team didn’t play good everyone gets modkilled


Absolutely no


That was a joke


I have an idea. At the end of the game we just let the host pick a winner. :smile:




Let the losing team pick a winner


Solic is being cheerful and happy something’s wrong someone call the police there’s an imposter


Just delete FoL, FM, and everything else