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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Soul died with alice



Soul was revived


That’s not how priest works :clap:


Not yet, that’s a good start to nerf it though.


So scum has no way of winning here


Take it or not, what you are doing right now could cause someone to be mislynched. As well, if it says they were occupied already it’s already confirmed


Not like they deserve it. :thinking:


No but Why is game going on in every scenario BD wins


If you don’t correct a moderror or at least notify players that it was a moderror then you are bastard modding.


Baz hasn’t conceded


because you are over estimating town. There’s a quote ninja has


“If the town is going to win the game, expect them to instead fail in a countless number of ways.”


Baz will be confirmed not phys when marg dies


Unless she fakeclaimed bleeding or smth



oml frost’s lolcatting is great


See hjaisk

Baz could counter claim prince if maraget executes who they have jailed tonight


Isn’t frost Bd


but I thought he wasn’t scum?


If he was scum it would be textbook openwolfing
In this situation it is still absolutely hilarious