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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Don’t say “you guys” moderrored then. :eyes:


Finally, something we can agree on


I’m not a host


That’s a great response


I’m not having this conversation in deadchat, but it’s not cute you try to put that on me.


I’m worried because if Cutealch doesn’t self guard then scum wins here if I can count correctly


Solic takes everything personally and serious tbh


wait did you correct the feedback


How many players alive atm?


No, because that modconfirms it was an occupation even more.


Scum still loses


7 players alive.

Ezreal lynched
Frost axed by pronce
Marg bleeds out
2f1 time:

gg it’s 1v1


That’s bastard modding if you do not correct a result someone received falsely, even if it mod confirms something.


Expect that prince won’t axe since that has no point


They probably will.
It’s Marg and Frost is lolcatting


For example, say he gets mislynched for this


If you jail assassin you see if they are just by kill count


I’m also not going to discuss host concerns here.


There are 8 players alive.


Not if they think game is solved.
It’s the smart thing to do but likely won’t happen