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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Somehow Frost is eating the bullet from prince. Yes Baz lives another day


idiots = uninformed and therefore high chances of being wrong


nani the fuck


Marg is solid whenever they roll PRs
The rest of the time… :^)


frost is evil



How do you eat a bullet in medieval times
They don’t exist :^)


Wait it’s just a test I was jailed


Reaction tested the mod?


No Marg is reaction testing frost


Unseen have 2-for-1 left. That’s about all they got going for them.


goddamn it you guys moderrored


what did they do


If they mislynch and 2 for 1 tonight prince also dies so we would have how many dead?


Occupied feedback -> unable to investigate target feedback



honestly wtf


Scum can’t win even if they mislynch today and get 3 kills tommorow (bleed + 2for1) they still lose


I don’t know why people double check feedback with me

I literally don’t read things


… Geyde… you literally approved that feedback from Wazza and I literally chastized you for that yesterday. :eyes:


Do you even read what I say


let’s just assume that nerbins sabotaged everything blame nerbins tbh