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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Now considering neuts reworked it’s actually more likely to hit BD by bleeding court, I was thinking by the other statistic




Also I learned ate from Icibalus (not really)


Electro is bleed immune.


That’s was not the point of the bleed it was to make ppl think that fk is fakeclaiming bleed as way of signal




No they are not


Best BD awards:



I played as them and they werent


But that is all only thinking that FK is good king.


That was newly changed

All NKs barring reaper and Lich w/ two phylacteries are bleed immune


That’s why FoL changes is a thread…


Higher chance of GK


Cutealch played very well.


Mathblade was so lost this game.


chances are if firekitten shows signs of

  • mental crisies in the main thread
  • complaining loudly about something
  • does stupid stuff (wait apparently this isn’t a tell rip)

He’s an evil


Math struggled with flip changers


Fun fact, there would be a tie for king between Alice and Cutealch if Alice had submitted their vote not 2 hours after king election was over.


Also I don’t know why people thought that Math could have been MM when he said he beared n3. If he was MM he would just have the convert bleed someone to ‘prove himself’


thought that as well but then I realized town are by their nature idiots