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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


I mean it was supposed to get healed and provide reason for future push


Healer is not guaranteed.


See they are all lying



Massive air quotes


Rip I meant to quote good king fake claim


I thought it was since that’s what was in tol


how tf did I fail that much


It’s an understandable error, but that’s why we print a rolelist in the OP for good reason.


Fixed this


We still had healer


Just post that as my rolecard for end game

This is my real role


Also fixed their faction


(Also wincon)
Good job with the card


There is a 35% chance king is evil. There is a MUCH higher chance you hit a BD by bleeding the court.


Not the case lul


Actually yes with the neutral slot being removed


You know who is MM and yourself Geyde.

I will math this out for you if I have to. :eyes:


Fuck you’re right


I’m speaking purely by statistics.

It’s pretty damn close


Also NK is typically bleed immune, so it doesn’t hit them as hard.