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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


What well not perfectly

since they still lynched someone else


Yea… and you’re supposed to not get out the scummy players when you play evil.

Also… why are you immediately trying to scum vs scum after you get converted with a newbie even and then you both basically claim fool together. Like legit scum played very bad this game.


It’s not OP at all


I was panacking when that happened so I did the best thing I could do which was damage control and try to make everyone forget about it

by upping meteor


Who would expect a early distancing?


If you are going to distance tell them before hand


It’s not early when it’s day 2 though.


He did, they just didn’t actually coordinate it.


I don’t believe he actually told them that he was going to accuse them of being scum and they should act normal


This was easily the most ridiculous roll

All BD Uniques
2 Scum Neuts (only anti-BD wincon)


I mean we are working hard to make a lot of classes unconfirmable, but in this game we have had like 4 fool claims? :thinking: one fanatic claim and one warlock claim.


That was scum’s error. Definitely.


honestly I have never been more ashamed to have been part of the evil faction this game




I’m going to pretend I was a good king all this game


Scum imploded and found a way to kill only each other the entire time


It’s the mods conspiracies to make me look like a bad player


I even have my rolecard quote to prove I was good king and they are all lying


Also you hit a bear and Isaac killed you btw. Ultimate bad luck.

But that bleed was still terrible


This was actually the case