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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


Evil king needs to be adapted to be less reliant on Sheriffs who are no longer a guaranteed spawn. That’s basically the only king change left to me atm.


Make target player appear as the chosen class to investigative abilities?


Meteoro was a Squire, but somehow decided to change his claim for no reason.


Honestly wtf


Oh, that.



I don’t blame him on crumbling under pressure but I blame them crumbling under pressure

this makes sense right


Who’s them in this context


Yea never do that. At least claim a legit evil, so you actually take off heat away from roles like MM/NK. If you claim an anti town neut, they lower the priority on dealing with you.


Also Alice played pretty good and :+1:


I don’t want to say that town played too well, since scum just played super awful… this game.


Also what I did in this dead chat should be illegal in itself, it’s super easy to do and I almost got people to believe it. Possessor and other NK’s like that should probably make them silent as it kind of is just a hard counter for them and it makes sure this doesn’t happen



How about this:

MM replaces n3 and before.
Starting assassin will replace MM afterward.


That’s part of why I despise priest


It’s up to the Priest to interpret whatever you say. It’s Alice’s own fault they got misted.


I wonder if they would have gotten mislynched due to me telling them lies :frowning:


would have been awesome for them to “confirm themselves even though I’m evil” because I told them only me and others knew


I mean you were still accusing all the actual scum from deadchat too… :smile:


@Isaac_Gonzalez 7 mason story is a lie


Tbh baz was scummy


I stopped accusing the mastermind and I blame the MM bad convert targets

see if he was a phyisican this would have worked perfectly