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FoL 19.5 - Dead Chat


You can’t justify things with conversion exists. Priest is god awful and conversion exists.


I never wanted it I was for trails being here
It was being due to balance issue with king having too many votes or less votes compared to one with trials since they had force exe


I have a theory

None of you are going to change your view points because the arguments are both stupid in the first place

Yes I’m calling my argument BS as well because this seems pointless


I mean… we had a grand trial before in this game. You could have just followed what happened there.


Yet we didn’t have a NORMAL VOTE instead of a Grand Trial, did we?


I don’t regret executing Meteor with grand jury


Well you should

Also that reminds me! @Meteoro Squire is a solid claim for anyone.


It had problems with balance due to force exe


Grand Jury is better for scum king than gladiator. Gladiator is very BD-sided of an ability.


I probably should but I don’t its a fun Ability


Wait what no?


No gladiator king shouldn’t be able to limit lynch pool to 2


That’s exactly how gladiators work


Yes that’s why it shouldn’t be added


What do you think about current king now Firekitten?


And that’s part of why I didn’t want to add it

So instead Grand Jury :clap:


Yeah I played terrible… I hoped I confused them with my death note and Prince message but idk why in who knows I outed as fanatic. That was just absolute dumb. I wanna blame it on lack of sleep but I have no clue if that was the case. I regretted it instantly. Well I guess this was my first evil game in like 4 months


Can we just add trials back instead of making these cancer abilities


But it’s also unique so : /


Fantastic it’s fun