[FM] Zombie Arapocalypse Mafia - Game Thread - Canned


Good guys - Survivors
Bad guys - Traitors



Game consists of 3 phases per cycle.

  1. Day (48h) - Lynch is majority based. No lynch otherwise. Everyone can talk in thread.
  2. Action phase 1 (24h)
  3. Action phase 2 (24h)

Action phases are when… actions happen. 2 actions per cycle, hence 2 phases.
During action phase noone can talk in thread, you will get private neigborhood location-based.

After action phase 2, all night results - events, injured and dead people will be announced and next day starts.


There is heavy anti claim on personal win conditions, all other is fair game.

Doomsday clock

Starts at 12.
Each time an innocent person dies (kill / lynch / event), goes down by 1.
When reaches 0, game ends and traitors win.
It can also go down/up without death due to events.


There are different locations in this game:
Colony - Where all of you start.
Locations for items hunting - Limited number of players can be there at once, more dangerous, can find items.


Each character needs to eat at least once every 3 days.
If someone skips a meal 3 days in a row… they die. Easy.


Each of you can perform 2 actions per cycle (action phase 1 and 2).

Possible actions being:
Searching location for items
Attacking zombies or other players
Item or ability based actions.
Other, creativity based actions.

Do note that this game was of very wide design, so some actions like “Sing anime openings” will produce a result, tho it’s not said how good or bad will it be.
Still, being creative can be useful here.

Each of you can also move to other location once per cycle.


To attack a zombie, perform attack action. It will reduce number of zombies in location, however is somehow risking an injury. Items may affect this.

To attack a person, perform attack action. It will injury you or them. Items may affect this.


Since each of you have personal wincon, traitors have factional… INJURY.

Injuries can be threated via different methodes.
If untreated for a cycle, injured person will die.

Basicly a delayed kill which can be saved.

Injuries which happened during night are announced at day start.


It’s zombie apocalypse after all…

Each location except colony has own “zombie meter”.
The higher it is, the more dangerous are actions in that location / traveling to that location.

When “something dangerous” happens, that person will be injured. This way traitors can be injured too.

The more people in one location, the faster number of zombies will grow.

Using enviroment

Once again, use your enviroment, try to be creative, think of how to cooperate or ruin stuff in different ways.

This is very wide design, there is many ways to solve same problem… or to kill people.


  1. Firekitten - Survivor
  2. Sulit -> DatBirb
  3. Zone_Q11
  4. WazzaAzza - Survivor
  5. Cheeki - Survivor
  6. Astand
  7. Dasmodel - Survivor
  8. Htm - Survivor
  9. H_Hja
  10. Jake - Traitor
  11. Lymph - Survivor
  12. DerpsALot - Survivor
  13. NinjaPenguin
  14. Magnus - Traitor
  15. Boss110
  16. Possessed - Survivor
  17. PokemonKidRyan
  18. BlueStorm
  19. Icibalus
  20. Hippolytus - Survivor
  21. Fossil
  22. Simon

Balance notes:

Since number of zombies increases faster if more people are out of colony, all people leaving it will mean you get more items, but will also increase potential injury rate and hence death rate.




Current players - 21 / unlimited
Zombies - Few


Players - 0 / 5
Zombies - Some

Gas Station

Players - 0 / 3
Zombies - Some

Police Station

Players - 0 / 4
Zombies - Some


Players - 0 / 4
Zombies - Many


Players - 0 / 5
Zombies - Many


Players - 0 / 4
Zombies - Few


Players - 0/4
Zombies - many

Special 1 - Avilable only for cycle one
Special 2 - Due to rough terrain, no movement related abilities or items will work.

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Day 1 start, it will last 48 hours.

You can plan.

You can discuss.

You can day 1 lynch.

Doomsday clock: 12
Currently injured players: none

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Hello friends

Hi and Bye


Lemme read all this lmao

im a lil confused by some of this but


3rd January

This place is as dead as the things that hunt us.
When we formed the colony here, we thought we could live off the town for years. But we misjudged what this place had to offer.
I can only assume it’s been hit by other survivors and much of the goods and supplies we should have been able to find are in short supply. Canned goods, ammunition, fuel… everything we need is in conspicuously small quantities. We need to move on, but it’s just too cold.
So… we wait, praying for the weather to let up so we can get the convoy rolling again, and start the miserable search all over again. It seems like each time I’m ready to eat a bullet, a new crisis appears, and suddenly I’m fighting as if living is the only thing that matters.


You guys think it’s safer to travel in groups or to just spread out and get as much items as possible?

Groups reduce the risk of people getting injured or killed imo, but we might need to stalk up on supplies like stuff for healing injuries (assuming that’s a thing) and food.

I think the police station and supermarket shoud be a priority


Places with a lot of zombies should be visited with more than one person

I’ll go to the station.


I’ll go with Magnus ig

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