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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Why red


He wouldn’t dare disrespect everything by lying in that case.






this thread physically hurt me

10k posts of bullshittery and my salt

G! Turbo - Gamer Over - Modkill Galore (The Psychopathic King and The Foreign Security Agent win!)

Aye. I concur.

G! Turbo - Gamer Over - Modkill Galore (The Psychopathic King and The Foreign Security Agent win!)

@Hippolytus we also had a big game


ooh this one looks spicy imma read it some time


I scumsliped D1 and got locked town D2


not to disagree but uh

the predicted reading time is eight hours

that’s like an entire season of a TV show


Do yourself a favor and don’t read this thread it’s just 14000 posts of depression and failure.


yeah wasn’t a pretty game from town that’s for sure


Hey sorry for bumping this

But can I get like a page long feedback on this game as this is the last scum game that was really noticable for me


You were a right pain in the ass to work with, and I wholeheartedly meant every complaint I leveled at you at the time.


Avoiding consistently lying to your teammates is probably a good start.


Sorry if this sounds harsh but I have not been more frustrated at a teammate in literal years.




I didn’t experience much frustration really (probably because I expected your playstyle? :thinking:), but I did feel you weren’t a clear player within our team, whereas you were active enough to do so.

That’s a problem that is larger on this site, where scum just doesn’t work together and scumchat is barren. Mostly this relates to at least one of the scum not having the activity necessary for it, but that wasn’t the case with us.


Remember the other scum chat having like 9 posts

Heres the thing though, I’ve been trained and have always played as an independent-esque scum as they generally are chain-read. Things i caught during mafiascum and mafia universe