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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Geyde yes.


How so? I’m not sure I understand how…


D1 you were voting Firekitten, Empire

D2 you were voting Icibalus, Cult


Neither time were you on the mislynch at EoD


I suppose that’s more me listing to you :joy:


Well actually fire kitten was me voting for the most voted person, to avoid being suspicious


@Zone_Q11 It’s worth saying that nobody will listen and work with you to kill one of your tunnel targets when that’s the reason you were going after them. All the targets you went after were scum, but you didn’t argue that they were scum; you said you were going for them for the sake of tunneling so nobody listened.

Also you reminded me that this was the third time I’ve randed a neutral survivor-esque role. Every single time, I tried my best to side with the town. Also every single time, I then had to work against the town to win. D:


@Solic Oracle is a good role imo. It rewards universal townreads and hurts scum for softdefense and getting town to think in terms of specific mislynches.
It’s kinda upsetting as scum to get destroyed out of nowhere by an Oracle result, but that gives you a chance to flood the thread and wreck town communication until you die, which is an important role.


Spamming the thread to disrupt communication is not my idea of fun.




lolcatting is fun
just post funny jokes and memes and that will actually have the same effect


…I am in a bad mood right now.
Not quite the best time for wise pep-talk moments.


I don’t enjoy being a clown on stage.

Just let me have my resentment. Not everyone has the same idea of fun.


It’s a knight who instead of killing the attacker, investigates them.

Prove me wrong.


Open scum days are always non interactive.

It helped you more then disturbed.


I am not complaining for the sake of balance, I’m complaining for sake of enjoyment.


Open wolfing is very fun <3

Trying to mindscrew when an outed wolf means town knows you’re gonna fuck with them so you can sometimes tell the truth and no one believes you. Or you can lie with the intent of town knows you’re lying then make them think the wrong thing is the right thing. Plus a couple other things that make your teammates look really really town afterwards. Or maybe not.

Just saying never discount the power of an open wolf :slight_smile:


Just so y’all know

I wasn’t sure whether to believe eevee telling me there was a Cult

Until this happened

Then I knew

He was not lying


How did you know?


Also queue confused kitten