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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Exactly, but look at who didn’t!


I don’t know what’s worse: my game or Eevee.


So that is… Firekitten, Luxy, WazzaAzza, orangeandblack5, psychoneirik, Meteoro, Frostwolf103, Icibalus and PokemonKidRyan.

…yeah, hell no.
Nobody else TRIED to convince me aside from you, orange and Luxy.
I did become friends with Luxy in the deadchat, so in the end I only have you two to blame.


eevee duh


Still congratulations to Empire team -sigh-


Thx pal :blush:


From my POV: Currently eevee’s. Not mechanics, just gameplay of specific people and not everyone.
Though, I am kinda silent/confused at yours ATM.


btw zone I gotta say that, even as I was scum with Celeste, I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing when you shot Luxy for her


So… --wait a minute. You should’ve read all posts in deadchat. You know what happened.

…though, yeah, it was indeed exciting when I read FK saying that I had been mindcontrolled by Marg.
…sigh, foolish me. It was my first time getting hinted too… what a blunder.


Yeah that Celeste stuff scared me for real tbqh


Mm… How confusing…
I love-hate that moment now…


I knew nothing about the lore, keep that in mind.


Yeah. That explains a lot as to why you were aiming for the Gallians instead of the Darcsens.


Thing is Eevee somehow makes games fun even though we can agree the cult mexhanic is bs but we don’t complain lol


Aye. I can agree with that.


Cult mechanic was weird


I’m complaining


Everyone but orange*


I’m complaining too


Hi complaining, I’m Geyde