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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


I didn’t know you were in scumteam :confused:


No you didn’t.
You could’ve literally played anything else but backflips. Yet you did.
You put yourself in that position. Therefore it was your own fault.


Yeah and I got myself out of the position.


Zone it was either that or get lynched


And I hate you for doing that right.
Yeah. I know this is bad stuff coming from me, but I really hate you for surviving Day 2.


Naturally I -who was tunneling you even in Day 2- want you to get lynched.


If it makes you feel better

I shot him D2


I would blame people who didn’t vote me


You shot me? Why


…fair point.


@eevee who didn’t vote FK at Day 1 and Day 2?




ITA period


I figured it would be seen as unlikely for three scum to shoot you in a row if you did flip scum


Here’s vote counts for day 1 and 2


I told y’all I was also immune




@TeenierTub actually had a really good voting record wow


But you also spread the blame across everyone who didn’t


Just look at my votes!
I am the only one who tunneled you to my death!