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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Reading you!?
Who needs reading people when I can’t even read the thread because of every lies that you have posted!?


Zone we need to blame someone
Let’s blame Celeste


You mean nerbins


The thing is: I do judge.
Flip-flop equals indecisive.
Indecisive is never good.
Not good does NOT equal not town, but it is still BAD.


This is so wrong


…nope. I blame myself for listening to her.
My hatred on you however is all because of you.



Solic wins the trophy of being cucked by mechanics

Math won the trophy of getting pocketed

Ninja won the trophy of staying alive, and being a legit neut

Orange got mvp (imo)

FK got “How the fuck did I live” award


Yeah. Yeah.
Talk about that in another game.
This game is over.


Basically what happened when PMJ hosted in PokeBeach… URGH…


Why do you hate me for playing towards my win condition


I also had a tinfoil Firekitten was actually lying and had some of his own soldiers by the way and trying to avoid political assassination the same way I had done.


Anti Gallia stole me and bussed me right away


What faction would I even be


Because of the way you play at Day 1.


Third party


I had to do back flips to live D1
I was playing towards my win condition


If I stayed as a reporter claim I would have died


Ngl I was kinda sad after setting you up like that


About green rolecard I mean


Basically this to the rest of town