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[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!


Yeah. Plus: It only activates when I die.


I’m super glad he wasn’t


I was contemplating switching it on of my teammates, but you bet that Firekitten would go ballistic at that.


Why didn’t you just force the Oracle to Target me lol


Or who you thought was vengeful
I’m immune to death


Good thing we never had to reveal ourselves.
Oh wait. Day 1 BS-ing with that Reporter shit.


Because I don’t feel like I had a great impact this game already, so I hate to discuss things I did wrong at that.


Lol. Because we didn’t know Zone was an Oracle. :roll_eyes:


Sure you did! You talked to me more then Alice did

I was kind of sad not being able to kill in ita’s


Yet I’m also immune to death :frowning:


And Margaret was never clear about what she could really do, so I mostly just ignored coordination with them.


FK, I want you to use not only your brain, but your soul: DO YOU THINK THAT I CARE WHETHER I KILL AND LYNCH YOU OR NOT!!??



Okay I’ll stop then :slight_smile:


Not really


Wait yes you do care


Long live silence! \o/
Same thing basically happened recently and I poisoned scum.
They surrendered D2.


I misread


Just like how you are flip-flopping your answer right now, I would’ve shot you again for the same reason. YOU FLIP-FLOP THE HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING IN DAY 1!!


Reading is hard :frowning:
Don’t blame me
Blame the town


Maybe he’s a T-Flip-Flop

Don’t judge